Trident IoT - Company FAQs

Welcome to Trident IoT’s FAQ page, where we’ve gathered answers to common questions to help you navigate our services, products, and the world of IoT with ease.

1. Company Overview and Operations

Q: When was Trident IoT established?
A: Trident was officially incorporated in April 2023 and launched on August 16, 2023.

Q: Who initiated the founded of Trident IoT?
A: Trident was founded by Bill Scheffler, Mariusz Malkowski, and Michael Lamb.

Q: What is the current size of Trident’s workforce?
A: Trident employs 17 people, 4 in Colombia, 4 in Denmark, and 9 in the United States.

Q: What is the nature of Trident’s collaboration with Silicon Labs?
A: Trident maintains a strategic partnership with Silicon Labs, to grow the Z-Wave Market Worldwide!

Q: Does Trident function as a reseller?
A: Yes, Trident resells Silicon Labs products, specifically the Z-Wave 700 and 800 series, along with their SoCs and modules.

Q: What sets Trident apart in this industry?
A: Trident distinguishes itself through expedited lead times, competitive pricing, and bundled services like Certification and Engineering Support.

2. Product Informatio and Roadmap

Q: Can you describe Trident’s future plans in terms of products and services?
A: Trident’s plans include a comprehensive roadmap of SoC, Modules, Tools, and TTM.

Q: Is Trident expanding its module offering?
A: Yes, including the Universal Module Family for seamless IoT protocol switching and TTM.

Q: Is Trident developing its own range of chips and modules?
A: Trident is producing subGHz chips and 15.4 chips and modules.

Q: When are Trident’s Z-Wave chips expected to be available for sampling?
A: Sampling is anticipated for this summer.

Q: When can customers access samples of the 8202?
A: The 8202 samples are currently available. Just send an email to requesting your samples with your shipping information.

Q: What is the status of the 8202 in terms of certification and production readiness?
A: The 8202 is FCC pre-certified and will be fully production-ready by late January.

3. Partnerships and Certifications

Q: Who are Trident’s partners in silicon designs and fabrication?
A: Trident collaborates with various silicon designers and packaging houses, with TSMC as the fabrication partner.

Q: What certifications does Trident offer as a lab?
A: Trident currently offers Z-Wave certifications and plans to expand to Zigbee and Matter in Q1/2024.

Q: How many products does Trident certified so far?
a: 7 Z-Wave products, with 4 more in progress.

Q: Is Trident affiliated with any industry association?
A: Yes, Trident is a member of both the CSA and the Z-Wave Alliance.

4. Sales and Distribution

Q: What is Trident’s pricing strategy for Silicon Labs chips and its own components?
A: Contact Bill Scheffler for detailed pricing information:

Q: How can one obtain product part numbers and pricing for Trident?
A: Reach out to Bill or visit Trident’s website ( for this information.

Q: How is Trident establishing its distribution network?
A: Trident is currently developing its distribution network.

5. Company Vision and Market Position

Q: What are Trident’s aspirations and strategic vision?
A: Trident aims to become a leading force into the IoT sector, providing top-notch silicon and services.

Q: What challenges and opportunities does Trident encounter in the IoT market?
A: Trident focuses on simplifying the IoT landscape, accelerating market entry, and creating outstanding products amidst competing standards and ecosystems.

For more information, please email us at we’ll be happy to help.