Trident IoT Recap: 2023 Z-Wave Summit Member Meeting and Unplug Fest

Trident IoT Recap: 2023 Z-Wave Summit Member Meeting & Unplug Fest

Trident IoT Becomes Z-Wave Alliance Member and Summit Host Sponsor!

Trident IoT has recently taken a significant step by becoming a principal member of the Z-Wave Alliance. In a testament to our unwavering enthusiasm for this partnership, we proudly assumed the responsibility of hosting this year’s Z-Wave Alliance Summit and Member Meeting. This Summit provided us with an ideal opportunity to introduce Trident IoT’s mission, products, and services to the Z-Wave community. The revelation of our status as a second source for Z-Wave chips and modules was met with resounding enthusiasm and generated a tremendous amount of interest and excitement!

Trident IoT’s Award-Winning Team!

The Trident IoT team already has a stellar reputation, having delivered thousands of IoT products to market, including Z-Wave.

  • Outstanding Technical Contributor - Peter Shorty

  • Spirit of the Z-Wave Alliance - Mariusz Malkowski

  • Outstanding Z-Wave Promoters - Trident IoT

Trident IoT further fosters the development of new features, enhancements, and custom applications on Z-Wave Technology by offering connected device manufacturers a new direct source for Z-Wave chips and modules, personalized product engineering support, and U.S.-based Z-Wave certification.

I’ve had the privilege to work with many of the founders and engineers at Trident IoT over the past decade, both at the Alliance and at Silicon Labs. This industry is going to benefit tremendously from having an RF-specialized semiconductor partner. - Mitch Klein, Executive Director of the Z-Wave Alliance.

Presentation: Trident IoT Intro

  • Mariusz Malkowski, CTO and Founder

By offering U.S.-based Z-Wave device certification, we can make it easier for North American manufacturers to communicate throughout the certification process, resolving issues that arise quickly and ultimately getting products to market faster. Our goal is to make Z-Wave device members continue to innovate, making it easier and more efficient for them to successfully implement new features, such as Z-Wave Long Range (LR), which unlocks new use cases with incredible capabilities.

Our Mission

  • Personalized engineering.
  • Development for smart home devices.
  • Go beyond mere semiconductor supply.
  • Collaborate closely with clients on product requirements.
  • Optimize designs for cost-effectiveness and future-proofing.
  • Provide essential components: silicon, firmware, and software.
  • Expedite certification process for faster market entry.
  • Provide a comprehensive approach that saves businesses time, money, and resources.

Our Products

We are also designing our own SoC and Modules

  • TZM8202
  • Universal Modules
  • Multi-protocol

Our Services

  • Products: Z-Wave 800 series chips deliver exceptional smart home-connected device experiences.
  • Z-Wave Certifications: U.S.-based certification services available for end product compliance.
  • Design Services: Best-in-class product design and development guidance from our team of experts.