TAURUS Series: TC3202

High Performing Ultra-low Power Z-Wave SoC

The Trident IoT TC3202 is a cutting edge ultra-low power, high performance, ARM® Cortex®-M33 based Sub-GHz RF System on Chip (SoC) supporting Z-Wave and Z-Wave Long Range solution. The TC3202 is the first product offering from the Trident IoT Taurus Series. The TC3202 SoC is the ideal choice for developers seeking to integrate robust, reliable, and efficient RF communications into their products.

Designed to meet the demands of any Z-Wave Plus Version 2 device, the TC3202 excels in robust and reliable RF performance as well as data and link management. To cater the growing needs of Home Security and Industrial control applications, the TC3202 offers 288kB of SRAM and 1MB of Flash. Moreover, its exceptionally low sleep current in both active RF modes and power-down states ensures that battery-operated devices enjoy extended lifespans - providing 10 years on a single cell in sensor applications.

Incorporating the TC3202 into your project promises lower consumption, extended range capabilities, and access to advanced features such as Z-Wave Plus V2 - all at competitive pricing. Upgrade to the TC3202 and experience a new era of Z-Wave innovation. Embrace the future of smart, robust and energy-efficient solutions.

Key Features

  • TX Power: +1dBm, +20dBm
  • RX Sensitivity: -110dBm@40kbps (R2)
  • Modulations: R1/R2/R3: (G)FSK with configurable shaping, LR: DSSS-OQPSK
  • RF offset cancellation loop
  • Frequency hopping capability
  • Programmable channel filter bandwidth
  • External high frequency crystal & Internal low frequency RC Oscillator.
  • +1.8VDC ~ + 3.6VDC Operating Voltage
    POR (Power-on Reset) & UVLO (Under Voltage-lockout)
    Power Management Unit for intelligent power state switching.
    Integrated DC-DC converter and LDO regulator.
  • Embedded ARM® Cortex®-M33 CPU with TrustZone, internal MCU for MAC
    SWD (2-pin Serial Wire Debug)
    32KB Boot ROM
    288KB SRAM
    1MB Flash
  • Integrated peripherals:
    Integrated security: SHA/AES/ECC
    DMA Controller
    UART interface x3 (1 with CTS/RTS, 2 without CTS/RTS)
    32-bit Timer x5
    I2S interface
    I2C interface
    SPI interface x2
    Temperature Sensor
    PWM x5
    32-bit Real Time Clock Timer x2
    4CH 12-bit 350ks/s ADC
    GPIO w/interrupt x20
  • Lead-Free 5x5 40-pin Quad Flat No-lead (QFN) package
  • Operating Temperature: - 40 °C ~ + 105 °C
  • Halogen-free / RoHS 2.0 / Reach Annex 14 & 17
  • ESD: HBM 2KV / MM 200V; Latch-up: 150m

If you need further information or assistance purchasing this item, please contact Bill Scheffler at bill@tridentiot.com or (201) 981-3009