Trident IoT TZM8202 Data Sheet

Trident IoT TZM8202 Data Sheet

The Trident IoT TZM8202 combines a Z-Wave EFR32ZG23 SoC (with a built-in Z-Wave and Z-Wave Long Range RF transceiver), crystal, and passive RF components. The small footprint with an integrated crystal and passive RF components support single microcontroller Z-Wave and Z-Wave Long Range solutions for far more robust applications than the 5202.

The TZM8202 contains an EFR32ZG23 which has a core optimized for low power and efficient wireless signal processing.

The TZM8202 is optimized to handle the data and link management requirements of a simple Z-Wave node and as a Z-Wave Long Range Node. The growing need for feature-rich Home and Industrial Control applications is addressed with the 64kB of SRAM, and 512kB of flash memory that the TZM8202 offers. The incredibly-low speed current of the TZM8202 allows for years of life battery operated devices while multiplying range by more than 16 times the ZM5202 when using Z-Wave Long Range.

Key Benefits to Customers

  • Pin-to-pin compatibility with ZM5202 provides a fast upgrade path to lower power and longer range (1 mile LR)
  • Hardware AES, SHA, ECDH security
  • Z-Wave + Z-Wave LR

Key Features

  • Optimized ARM Cortex®-M33 Core and RF Transceiver
  • 512 kB Flash, 64 kB SRAM
  • UART, 2 I2C interfaces, 3 EUSARTS
  • 10 GPIOs with wakeups/interrupts
  • 8 channel DMA controller
  • 12 channel Peripheral Reflex System
  • Low-Energy Sensor Interface (LESENSE)
  • 2-channel DAC
  • ADC: 12-bit @ 1Msps
    • 16-bit @ 76.9ksps
  • Tx mode current: 85.5mA @ 20dBm
    • 25.0 mA @ 14dBm
    • 9.9 mA @ 0dBm
  • Rx mode current: 4.4 mA
  • Active mode current:
    • 26μA/MHz @ 39MHz
  • DeepSleep current:
    • 1.5μA with 64kB RAM
    • 1.2μA with 16kB RAM

Radio Transceiver

  • Rx Sensitivity:
    • -108.1 dBm @ 100kbps
      915MHZ GFSK
    • -109.8 dBm @ 100kbps
      915MHz O-QPSK
  • Z-Wave 9.6/40/100kbps data rates
  • Hardware-assisted frequency agility with up to 3 channels