EFR32ZG14 Z-Wave 700 Modem SoC Data Sheet

EFR32ZG14 Z-Wave 700 Modem SoC Data Sheet

The Silicon Labs Z-Wave 700 Modem SoC, EFR32ZG14, is a ideal solution for gateways and controllers in smart home applications such as smart home gateways, smart speakers, set top boxes, USB sticks and more.

The single-die solution provides industry-leading low-power Gecko technology. The EFR32ZG14 features excellent radio sensitivity, improving the range of the Z-Wave mesh network.

EFR32ZG14 applications include Z-Wave controllers and gateways for:

  • Smart Homes
  • Security
  • Lighting
  • Health and Wellness
  • Metering
  • Building Automation

This modem SoC part is suitable for Z-Wave controllers and gateways only, and cannot be used for end-devices.

Feature List

The EFR32ZG14 highlighted features are listed below:

Low Power Wireless System-On-Chip:

  • High Performance 32-bit 39 MHz ARM Cortex®-M4 with DSP instructions and floating-point unit for efficient signal processing.
  • Sub-GHz radio operation
  • Transmit power: Up to 14 dBm

Low Energy Consumption:

  • 10.2 mA active radio RX current
  • 10.1 mA idle / listening radio RX current
  • 43.8 mA active radio TX current at 14 dBm output power
  • 38.8 mA active radio TX current at 13 dBm output power
  • 12.9 mA active radio TX current at 0 dBm output power
  • USB-compliant in low-power suspend mode

High Receiver Performance:

  • -98.6 dBm sensitivity at 100 kbit/s GFSK, 868 MHz
  • -98.8 dBm sensitivity at 100 kbit/s GFSK, 915 MHz
  • -106 dBm sensitivity at 100 kbit/s DSSS O-QPSK, 912 MHz

Supported Modulation Formats:

  • 2 (G)FSK with fully configurable shaping

Supported Protocols:

  • Z-Wave
  • Z-Wave Long Range

Selection of MCU peripherals:

  • 9 Dedicated GPIO’s for: UART communication, suspend mode operation, PTI interface, Serial Wire Debug, and optional SAW filter selection.
  • Built-in supply monitor
  • UART serial interface
  • PTI interface

Wide Operating Range:
*1.8 to 3.8 V single power supply with integrated DC-DC

  • -40 °C to 85 °C

QFN32 5X5 mm Package


Chip Protocol Stack Frequency Band @ Max TX Power Flash (kB) RAM (kB) GPIO Package
T-EFR32ZG14P231F256GM32-B Z-Wave Sub-GHz @ 14 dBm 256 32 9 QRFN32

For additional information and to download the complete Data Sheet for the Z-Wave 700 Modem SoC, please click here.